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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Idea For An Internet Show

More and more I have been thinking of creating an internet show that uses live action, action figures, Legos (with green screens to scale them to each other’s size) and picture cut outs as well as 3D animation combined together with programs like 3Ds max and After Effects to create one giant, crazy show. Part of me wishes I could make it into something serious, but in reality I know that comedy is about the only direction one can really go with such as thing. I have some action figures collecting dust in a box in a closet, as well as some Legos. I have seen a couple of things like it on YouTube, but nothing quite like I have in mind.
I am certain though that it will mainly fall into the sci-fi/fantasy genre.
My cousin and I used to make parodies of the X-Files with action figures when we were kids. I am still going over ideas in my head, but I think this is a good way to get practical practice using a whole host of programs in an integrated fashion which I may do as a side or full time job in the future.
Also, I think I could recruit people from YouTube to do the voices and even some script writing and music.


Anonymous said...

I'm down to do voices and musics!

Stephen said...

i would do voices

Evan said...

i love robot chicken
i hope your show comes out as good