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Thursday, October 7, 2010

So much to do, so little time

Trying very hard to buckle down and “take care of business” as the Hell’s Angels say. School work, personal projects and all that sorta thing. I still want to actually write a book, rather than just keep say I plan on it, so I am trying to write every day, even if only a little. Past few days I have been pretty much bereft of mental energy, but I am trying to push through anyway.
Four papers for school due next week. I have never enjoyed the process of writing for school in all my time and papers there. I can rattle of quite a lot, quite easily when I don’t have to keep looking at sources and thinking about how to structure it for grading. I have been generating a lot of ideas to write on I am sure will make their way out there in some more or less complete form eventually.
Also coming up with ideas for a web series with my roommates; something along the lines of “it’s always Sunny in Philadelphia”. Also want to plan some more ambitious and serious short films and other video projects, as well as more photography, read more, learn more programs, listen to more educational stuff like audio books and taped lecture series, the list goes on.
In short I am just trying to get my priorities in order. Even this is an exercise in doing that. Now time to get back to work on other things I suppose.