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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


035: Heavy Survey
Do humans carry souls?
Not likely

2. What about animals? .
Also not likely

3. Was September 11th a government conspiracy?
It was a conspiracy of 19 Muslim hijackers.

4. Do you believe a plane actually hit the pentagon?
all evidence points to YES

5. Are the methods the U.S. is using to handle illegal immigration satisfactory?

6. Do you think that John F. Kennedy's assasination was a government conspiracy?

7. Do you believe that the moon landing in 1969 actually happened?

8. Do you believe in ghosts?

9. Can subjection to violence in media lead to violence in the real world?

10. Did O.J. Simpson murder his wife?
All the evidence and statistics point to yes.

11. Do you believe going to war in Iraq was the right thing to do?
We went in on bad evidence, which due diligence would have expose as bad. however, once we were in, leaving would have done more harm than good.

12. Can we as people ever co-exist with each other peacefully?
On what scale? People do all the time, they just draw arbitrary distinction of “otherness”

13. Do you believe the course of our lives are pre-determined by unseen/unknown forces?
Yes, but not in any sort of supernatural way.

14. Has democracy made the world a better place?
Yes and no

15. Was the governments reaction to Hurricane Katrina acceptable?
No. they should have had plans to deal with a cat 5 DECADES in advance.

16. Are celebrities punished justly for crimes they commit?

17. Can we ever win the war on terror?
Wars on ideas tend to fail. The definition of terrorism is so vague WE are terrorists as well.

18. Are professional athletes over-compensated for their abilities?
19. Did the fabled people of Atlantis ever exist?

20. Are there other intelligent beings in the universe?
Seems fairly likely statistically speaking given that there are 72 sextillion stars in the visible universe and who knows how many planets.

21. Should the 1st Amendment protect all forms of expression, including those that may be offensive or harmful to others?
Yes on offensive, no on harmful.

22. Is it better for one innocent man to be sent to death or 5 murderers to be pardoned?
23. In the case of homosexuality, do you believe it's sin?
Don’t believe in the concept of sin and cannot thing of any good reason to condemn it under any other moral model.

24. Can the human race ever help the planet Earth to recover from the ecological damage it has suffered?
Not totally

25. Will race/ethnicity always be an issue amongst differing peoples?
I think race is not actually the real problem. People are scared of difference and race just happens to be one of the more tangible differences between people.

26. Are you for or against abortion?
Pro-choice is not “for abortion” it is for choice.

27. Are you for or against capital punishment (i.e. the death penalty)?
I don’t think it works to deter crime and I don’t believe the state should be in the revenge business, but I am not crying for the people that get killed either.

28. Do you practice any form of religion? Why?
No. because all reason and evidence points to them being human fabrications.

29. Do you believe that the writings in the bible can still apply to today's world?
So of it can, but that’s not saying too much really. There is plenty of wisdom from all over the world and people really need to broaden their horizons beyond the bible.

30. Has religion made the world a better or worse place?
The effects of religion are manifold and likely incalculable.