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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fox On A Tombstone

I was out taking pictures when I spotted what I thought was a cat at first. it was in fact the fox that lives in the wooden area between this cemetery and the river. i have seen him/her at the river a couple times on my daily walk. sadly, i went to slap a mosquito and scared it away. i wish I could have got a better shot of it. I have never seen a wild animal ask in a manor I am accustomed to seeing a domesticated one act. come to think of it, I don't think I have ever seen a dog lay on top of something like this, only cats.


The Science Pundit said...

Around where I live (Philadelphia), red foxes are about as common (and welcome) as gray squirrels, white tail deer, groundhogs, and rabbits.


Philosophy Peter said...

groundhogs, foxes and rabbits are fairly common here as well, but not an every day sort of thing. mostly by the river for the foxes and ground hogs

Julia said...

I live in New Hampshire, and we get foxes here all the time. I've even seen one in my backyard. Crazy.

Anonymous said...

hey man, put a followers widget on the right side so that we can see your updates :)