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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Life Offline

Since I seem to get comments and e-mails constantly about my absence, I figured I should write a blog, as I still don’t have internet in my apartment, which makes it too difficult to upload a video.
Long story short, a shuffling of roommates has left me without internet where I live for the past few months. In all honestly, this doesn’t bother me all that much. If I really need to get online, the means are freely available to me, albeit slow wi-fi at school, a friend’s house or a coffee shop. I also don’t care to have my name on the bill and I have been too busy working and doing other things to even bother with the issue. It will be resolved soon enough, and not only will I be back to doing things in the online world in the near future, I plan to improve and deliver more elaborate and polished productions in the future.
I have been doing a lot in photography and video in the past year. I have shot several videos of shows for local bands (involving multi camera editing), made a feature length documentary, and made a music video, aside from my own personal projects. I also have numerous other projects lined up.
Now that I am nearly completed school, I am aiming to get into something like technical writing, and so I would like to learn more about multimedia and film production, as that (can be) a part of technical writing. Aside from the fact that knowing a slew of programs and being able to utilize them to create high end presentations would give me an edge in the tech writing field, I could also use those skills for my own purposes, of which I have many.
The other side to that is that I have ideas for creating original content for Youtube. Not only would this give me incentive to learn new programs and sharpen my knowledge of the programs I know, but given the amount of money some people make off the site, I may reach a point where I say “get a day job? Why bother?” (although I would like to run a store with my friends).
Right now, I am aiming to make more polished, multi-media presentations. Do less extemporaneous speaking and also go back to my roots and do more off the wall shit like Lego movies, shows with action figures, cartoons, and music videos, etc. All original content. (Don’t worry. I am not giving up talking philosophical bullshit)
I am also taking with friends that have ideas they would like to produce, as well as doing more documentaries and music video work.
Given the fact that music recording, video, photography, software, etc is what I have in the last 8 years poured more effort to than even college, it all seems to make sense. I am tired of dabbling in these things, and want to master them, and that seems perfectly in line with my other opportunities and paths.
- Peter
PS. Given that I am now trying to sharpen my writing skills, I plan to write more in this blog and promote it more, which in turn will give me incentive to write in it more. Some things are simple better written (although they may become, or be based on videos as well)