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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Who I Am (Part 1)

I currently am in the early thralls of a cold. I feel stuffy and itchy. I hate colds; they sap me of much of my motivation. So in order to try and remedy this situation I have taken an aspirin.
At any rate, I am writing because I have created a new blog today, am I am the kind of person that feels compelled to create when I see a space of potential. What I mean is that I am the kind of person that when I go into a store and see sketch notebooks and other painting or drawing supplies, or artistic tools of any kind, I feel the urge to create something. The sketch book, note book, or whatever presents itself to me as a blank slate of potential. Let us put aside the fact for the moment that for one thing, I cannot draw worth a damn and best intentions as I may have, I often find that I am unable to follow throw on many of the numerous task I undertake. Regardless, this kind of sensing of some sort of “diamond in the rough” goes for all sorts of things, such a music, photography, video, web sites, blogs, etc. I find my self looking at objects such as cameras, camcorders, sketch books, note books, etc, not to mention web sites like My Space, YouTube, Google Page creator or geocites, and software like Photoshop, premiere, flash, Dreamweaver, Acid Pro, etc, and thinking to my self “what could I do with this”.
I guess I am a bit of a renaissance man that is not particularly very good at anything; or rather I am definitely not very good at some things and pretty decent at others. I suppose one would have to look at the fruit of my labors and decide for them selves. I am always trying to expand my skill base and become better and more proficient at the things I already know how to do.
So, over the past couple of years I have bought my self a camera, camcorder, guitar, bass, digital recording studio, a computer, and various photo, video and, audio editing software. With all of that, I have set to task on various artistic projects, and with the advent of sites such as My Space and YouTube, I now have a means of showing my creations to the world (or at least to the few people that give a shit).
I almost forgot to mention that I like to write, but perhaps that is obvious because I am doing just that right now. I am also a fan of Philosophy, as my blog title no doubt implies, and I often like to write out my rambling thoughts on various topics (like what you are reading now), or I like to post them as video blogs on YouTube. I will no doubt talk more about YouTube in the future, and with any luck, I can seduce a few of my YouTube Fans to read this blog.

That’s all I have to say for now, I will try to write more tomorrow.

P.S - links to some of my music and photography work are avalible on my MySpace profile, a link to which is avalible on my profile for this site.

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lucky said...

I adore Philosophy too, I find it very interesting. it's a thing about which you can talk endless and everytime find smth new))